Video Software Laboratory (VSL) is an independent research and development facility exploring mobile app innovations for smart phones and tablets. VSL envisions smart phones and tablets as the emerging communication platform for engaging in games, education and social media. VSL Android apps use Java, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5,  RDFa - rule based logic to produce animation, music, speech recognition, hypervideo and complex dynamic logic. Content provider web sites add robust functionality and optimal user experience.

Located in Pleasanton California, VSL has been developing special-effects media for the Web since 1999.


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Now is the right time to take advantage of opportunities in mobile technology by selecting the right development partner to bring insight into android technology while meeting your essential business objectives. Please let us know if you are interested in a research and development teaming arrangement with Video Software Laboratory. The goal of our teaming arrangement is to develop Android apps for phones and tablets utilizing innovative speech enabled semantic and hypervideo technologies for the Web.