Quantum computing is an early stage technology but with a promise of long-term impact to transform many industries. Developing quantum algorithms and applications require new approaches. Building this expertise takes time and requires access to quantum technologies. The Amazon Braket organization assess current technologies and existing quantum computer resources. The Amazon Braket Software Development Kit (SDK) is a developer framework to develop quantum algorithms and run them on different quantum computing hardware through the Amazon Braket Service. Amazon Braket gives you access to programming quantum computers and explore potential applications. You can design your own quantum algorithms. Amazon Braket provides an SDK that you can run locally on a laptop, or in Amazon Braket’s managed notebook environment. The SDK includes a quantum circuit simulator on AWS managed infrastructure to test your implementation.

Easily work with different types of quantum computers and circuit simulators using a consistent set of development tools. Run hybrid quantum-classical algorithms faster with priority access to quantum computers and collaborate with consultants in the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

1. Research quantum computing algorithms
2. Test different quantum hardware
3. Build quantum software faster
4. Explore industry applications

2.0 Video Software Lab is pursuing AI recognition software algorithms that will run on quantum computers for fast identification of huge applications.