-- Video Software Lab has released an Android game and complementary Kindle story entitled, Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space’ The app is an Android arcade game with multiple levels where the player is the pilot of a star fighter battling alien flying saucer on a critical mission to get vital information back to Earth. As the player completes each level of combat, episodes of an illustrated story of the Saga are shown. The complete episodes are available from and is linked from within the app. This method takes advantage of the close integration of mobile devices and applications.


Finding the right concept is a toughest thing to do while making a game for smartphones. It needs some creativity. If you have a right concept, the intelligence of your developer could take your app to heights. Let me introduce an app that comes as a digital version of an illustrated story.

Gallant in Space is an Android game that has a story to inspire the players. After launching this game, players could know about the story behind the app from About and History sections. This game is about shooting down the flying saucers and other threatening objects from a spaceship that is traveling towards Mars.